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APPLICATOR JADE - Toning, Plumping
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APPLICATOR JADE - Toning, Plumping

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The Jade applicator enhances the benefits of moisturizing products by providing toning and plumping actions. It promotes product absorption and stimulates microcirculation.

Results: The products are perfectly absorbed. Skin is toned, plumped and plumped. Skin is perfectly moisturized, toned and soothed.


Ideal for : Dry skin.

In lithotherapy, jade has energizing properties.

Ideal for:

Dry skin.

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The Jade applicator can be used with Rose Quartz Lotion, Jade Serum, Concentré Péridot and Délice de Péridot.

Apply the product with your hands in the usual way, then use the applicator for 1 minute for the Lotion, Serum and Concentrate, and 2 minutes for the Délice de Péridot, using circular movements from the neck to the forehead.

Gemology is committed to a genuine and sincere eco-responsible approach, and removes non-essential elements from its packaging, such as product holds and paper brochures.

The case of this product meets the FSC standards, it is recyclable and it comes from eco-managed forests.

Texture and active ingredients: Jade is an extremely smooth and soft stone. It brings incredible comfort to the skin and beautiful sensory emotions.

Frequently asked questions

In the morning and evening, when you apply your skincare products.

After each use, clean your applicator with warm, soapy water.

Yes, you can, but this one will be effective even without being cold.

Cleaning with soap is not necessary.

The applicator is used on the face and neck.

This is preferable, as it's regularity that brings results.


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