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Today, our diet is increasingly poor in nutrients (-40% since 1950), yet they are essential to the skin. With stressful living conditions, trace element deficiencies are becoming more and more frequent. More than ever, supplements to cope with these deficiencies in trace elements are necessary! 

Many dietary supplements exist, but the skin is one of the last organs to receive trace elements via the diet. Gemology offers Cutaneous Oligotherapy to provide the skin with the resources it needs, because cutaneous oligotherapy has several benefits

You will discover in this article : 

- What is cutaneous oligotherapy?
- What are the benefits of cutaneous oligotherapy?
- How is cutaneous oligotherapy used in cosmetics?


Cutaneous Oligotherapy is a response to skin deficiencies in trace elements and minerals. 

Naturally, minerals and trace elements are present in the body but in minute quantities, and like zinc, some cannot be retained by the body. 

It is proven that trace element deficiencies have consequences on the skin: 

- Iron deficiency: leads to vitamin C dysfunction and collagen decline
- Copper deficiency: complexion becomes dull and natural protection against free radicals diminishes
- Magnesium deficiency: skin is less protected against cutaneous inflammation (acne, redness, dilated pores, etc.).In addition, magnesium relaxes the skin.
- Zinc deficiency: healing becomes poor, enzyme activation is reduced and antibacterial protection diminishes.

This is where Gemology comes in with Skin Oligotherapy, the very essence of our DNA. 


Cutaneous Oligotherapy is an ideal solution for dealing with mineral and trace element deficiencies and provides a rapid response at the source of all skin problems. It acts on various deficiencies by providing the missing trace elements such as 

- Silicium: deeply moisturizes the skin and increases elasticity for tired skin, with a strong anti-aging action
- Zinc: purifies and limits excess sebum, soothing redness and irritation while increasing skin firmness and elasticity.

At Gemology, we offer beauty products rich in trace elements and minerals. Thanks to a complete reformulation of our line of facial concentrates, skin trace therapy is more than ever anchored in our brand's DNA.


Cutaneous Oligotherapy is used in all Gemology products. In fact, minerals and trace elements are our flagship active ingredients and are at the heart of our DNA.

In our lotions, our face creams...

But Gemology face concentrates are even richer in trace elements because they are present in large quantities! In fact, our 5 concentrates contain 10 trace elements identified as essential to the skin's needs. 

Each Gemology Concentrate contains 2 trace elements to moisturize, soothe, illuminate, firm, relax... They are formulated in a Hyaluronic Acid concentrate without perfumes or controversial substances. They deliver all their effectiveness to the skin.

Discover our essential serums for the skin: 

- Smithsonite Concentrate rich in zinc and calcium, perfect for sensitive and reactive skin
- Amethyst Concentrate rich in Silicon and Chromium, perfect for combination skin lacking tone and firmness
- Malachite Concentrate rich in copper and phosphorus, perfect for skin lacking radiance and luminosity
- Peridot Concentrate: rich in magnesium and sulfur, perfect for skin showing signs of fatigue and stress
- Jade Serum: rich in sodium and potassium, perfect for dehydrated skin

We have already discussed the concept of skin oligotherapy and its benefits. Do not hesitate to read our special article on magnesium deficiency: MAGNESIUM IMMEDIATE EFFECT: HOW TO FILL A DEFICIENCY?